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At Genki Forest, we believe that taste matters

Discover exotic flavors from around the world that deliver unexpected journeys in taste

Get your Genki. Get your good vibes

It all started with wanting to create a drink experience that delivered a taste of something special beyond the senses. Genki Forest was born to provide fun-loving and adventurous fans with guilt-free, refreshing beverages that inspire the spirit and the imagination. We're driven by the concept of "Genki," a word that not only means bubbles, but also good vibes and positive energy. Genki is all about inspiring good vibes with sweet and flavor forward beverages that liven up your day.

A new kind of sparkling water

We approach sparkling water differently from other brands. It all starts and ends with the flavor experience. From the first sip, our sparkling water is full of powerful flavor and sublime sweetness - a fizzy beverage reminiscent of soda but with zero sugar and zero calories. Infused with exotic flavors from around the globe, you're whisked away on a journey of taste and more.

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An ancient tea with a modern twist

Genki Forest's Ran tea serves up a modern twist with a lightly sweetened, fresh and fantastic flavor that takes you on an Oolong adventure. With a thousand year history, the semi-oxidized tea is created by tea masters in Anxi, China and by a traditional process passed down from generation to generation. With natural antioxidants, Oolong tea is thought to be beneficial for health and well-being.

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Taste wanderlust

Explore the world of Genki with all of its magical, mystical and fantastic flavor. Unleash the daydreamer, the curious adventure seeker, the explorer in you. Don't be afraid to just drink in the moment, and dare to find your flavor. With just one sip, imagine all the places you can go.

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