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Free Your Inner Chi. Explore a Forest of Flavor.

  • chi forest taste wanderlust
    chi forest taste wanderlust

Don‘t Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs

  • Charlotte W.

    "Lychee Fizzy vs Coffee. Yes, I would totally give up my coffee for lychee fizzy! Nothing better than having a such refreshing drink in the middle of the day!!! (or any time of the day....)"

    Charlotte W.

  • Christine C.

    “I've tried every flavor except the plum passion and yogurt refresh. The strawberry & coconut was surprisingly good and I would definitely order again! I've recommended Genki Forest to all my friends and family . Please create more fun flavors! Keep it up Genki Forest!”

    Christine C.

  • Stefan L.

    "I love how its no sugar and doesn't harm you in any apparent way. The Taste of the Lychee is so nice that I decided to buy packs! Never thought I would do subscription for drinks, but I'd definitely do this one. Genki is the best. Super genki!"

    Stefan L.